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Don't sacrifice your physical health or mental well-being to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

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Axe-Throwing to Blow Off Steam

Learn how to throw an axe to enjoy mid-day stress relief, entertain clients or hold a meeting.

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Keep Business Moving

The perfect work space for entrepreneurs with an active lifestyle, complete with fitness benefits and other exciting perks to keep you productive, creative and relaxed throughout your workday!

Introducing “Movement” Co-Working Space in Westbrook Maine

Movement is a unique co-working office space for active and forward-thinking entrepreneurs and creatives, conveniently located minutes of the Turnpike in Westbrook, Maine.  Owned and operated by the Maine Warrior Gym, in collaboration with The Strength Studio and The Axe Pit, we have created a completely different type of workspace that allows members to network with other health-conscious professionals in a relaxing yet inspiring environment and leverage one-of-a-kind resources that allow for different types of physical movement throughout your work day.

Research shows that intermittent movement throughout the day facilitates better concentration, creativity and reduced stress.  Keep your business moving by stepping outside of your old habits and patterns and into something inspiring and energizing.

We aim to provide the comforts, ambiance and amenities that you need to run your business, work with your team, and entertain your clients in a professional manner while also offering several ways to completely break from the mold, step out of your comfort zone, move your body and kick start your creativity, breathing new life into your business and your life.

Don’t ever sacrifice your health for your work.

How Daily Exercise Can Help Your Business Succeed.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking” – Friedrich Nietzsche (1889)

Movement is unlike any other co-working space in Maine.  We’ve created an environment bustling with activity and members that like to move. They move to stay healthy, stay sharp and stay young.

More studies have been showing that exercise “boosts creative ideation in real time and shortly after”. (Research report from Stanford University, 2014)  Exercise keeps our brain well nourished and our energy levels high which seems to result in improved cognitive capacity and levels of divergent-thinking (or creativity) and convergent-thinking (or problem solving) that exceed those of a stagnant person.

“Do not believe any idea that was not born in the open air and of free movement—in which the muscles do not also revel.” – Friedrich Nietzche

Our “mind/body” is a complete system of parts that all must work together in order to be most effective.  Maintaining all aspects of our person can greatly reduce stress, allow you to organize your thoughts more effectively

“Leonardo DaVinci knew his body was a strong house for his creativity and took care of it by practicing the cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, and poise.” – Michael Gelb

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